Monge® Indoor Cat Rich in Chicken 10KG

Complete food for cats that live mainly indoors. Rich in chicken and Omega-3 and Omega-6. Contains L-carnitine. Complete cat food, ideal for indoor cats which need a controlled diet, especially if sterilised, to stay healthy. Top quality ingredients, like fresh chicken and extruded cereals ensure ease of digestion. In addition, the vegetable fibre supply helps to expel hairballs from the stomach. The optimal ratio between the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which intervene in inflammations, ensure a valid support in combating allergic reactions. As a result of the high content of Taurine and Vitamin A, it contributes to maintaining the visual ability of your cat and promotes good cardiac function. Contains Rose hip, a natural source of Vitamin C which reinforces the immune system; also fructo-oligosaccharides (F.O.S.) and mannan-oligosaccharides (M.O.S.) which ensure perfect regulation of the animal’s intestinal bacterial flora and optimal digestion. The correct calcium/phosphorus ratio ensures harmonic skeletal and dental development while the correct ratio of the other minerals prevents the formation of kidney stones. It also contains L-carnitine, which prevents the accumulation of fat, protecting liver and heart function. The correct formulation of this food satisfies your cat’s appetite, helping it to keep its teeth healthy and clean, the breath fresh and fur glossy.
Brand: Monge
د.ا.‏ 54.000
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Intersand® Classic Cat Litter - Baby Powder 7KG

This superior premium clumping cat litter is probably one of the best mineral cat litters available on the market today. Suitable for all cats or kittens, it ticks all the boxes for what most cat owners require from a clumping cat litter. Once you have tried this, you won’t want to use any other. The benefit of this litter is that the clumps formed get harder with time and do not disintegrate as they dry out unlike cheaper litters, a definite bonus to owners who are away from home for hours at a time. It is odour free which means it is unlikely to put sensitive cats off when first introduced to the new litter. The delicate Baby Powder scent is only activated once the litter has been used, locking in and neutralising strong odours. The smaller granules are also gentle on cats paws, making it a more attractive litter medium for sensitive cats than those with coarser granules. Being 99.99% dust free, this litter is virtually none tracking. This means no messy, gritty residue walked onto floor and work surfaces, as it does not stick to the cats paws. Easy and economical to use, saves you money and hassle in the long run, a winning combination. TIP - For best results we recommend that the litter tray is generously filled to a depth of at least 10 cm. This will allow any liquids to form a firm clump on the surface of the litter, which can then be easily removed without having to empty the whole tray and waste unused litter. When filling a tray with a shallow layer of litter, you run the risk of the clump becoming firmly attached to the bottom of the litter tray, making removal very difficult- if you prefer to use a shallower layer we recommend that you use a litter tray liner to prevent the clump sticking to the bottom of the tray. Your cat deserves the best, so grab a bag today; you won't be sorry. Features: Guarantees odour free litter for up to 30 days 99.99% dust free Easily removed clumps Gentle on cats feet Economical to use
د.ا.‏ 8.990