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    Bewi Dog Puppy 12.5kg

    Brand: Bewi Dog
    BEWI DOG® puppy is the well-balanced formula for puppies up to 4 months of age. With it's adjusted energy and mineral supply it's also well suited for young dogs of small and medium-sized breeds. With sauce effect - mix croquettes with warm water to create a tasty sauce. 1Ratio of animal protein to total protein: 80 %2The use of gravy helps puppies get used to solid food3ß-glucans from the cell walls of brewers’ yeast strengthens your dog’s immune defences to bridge the immunity gap between the nursing period and the time when your puppy‘s own immune system is fully functional.4Promotes muscle building thanks to the high content of animal protein5Mineral supply adjusted for controlled growth and healthy bone structure6Easily digestible thanks to the high proportion of poultry and fish7Promotes skin and fur with brewers´ yeast and lecithin8Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) from the cell walls of brewers‘ yeast promote healthy digestion and help to improve immunity
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    Poultry protein (30 %); Maize; Rice; Fish meal from seafish (6 %); Poultry fat; Vegetable oil (palm, coconut); Dried beet pulp, desugared; Egg, dried; Brewers’ yeast, dried (2,5 %); Carob pods, dried; Poultry liver, hydrolysed; Sodium chloride; Dicalcium phosphate; Potassium chloride