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    Brightwell FlorinAxis 125ml

    General Specifications: It's a concentrated source of bioavailable carbon, acts as an intermediary in the Krebs cycle Can be used as a primary source and additions of carbon (compatible with the integration of CO2). Make key elements of the Krebs cycle. Is defined as the set of biochemical reactions that are responsible for the conversion of complex organic molecules into energy in all aerobic organisms., The benefits of this supplement is a more efficient metabolism of food nutrients available for fish and plants and also a faster decomposition of organic material latent (and therefore an aquarium cleaner) Make a natural source of humic substances, which help the plants in the absorption of important minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium etc.., May also increase the availability of these substances in the aquarium. Formulated based on extensive research on the needs of nutrients for plants and studies of molecular biology. General technical information: As the name implies, FlorinAxis helps plants in a number of important functions and linkages between them. Make a stable source of carbon directly usable by plants, brings key elements of the Krebs cycle, promoting the series of biochemical reactions responsible for conversion of complex organic molecules into energy in all aerobic organisms. Provides humic substances that increase the bioavailability of cations important for the health and growth of plants (such as iron, calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, copper, zinc, cobalt and nickel). In short, FlorinAxis is a unique formulation, born from extensive research, which increases the growth and health of fish and plants also accelerates decomposition by aerobic bacteria, organic material latent. Floraxis can have extraordinary effects on aquariums populated by plants.
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    Instructions and Guidelines:

     FlorinAxis will help create an environment conducive to the welfare and growth of plants. It is part of a comprehensive treatment of aquarium with plants and its benefits are seen more if used in conjunction with other supplements line as Brightwell Aquatics FlorinMulti, Florin-K, Florin-Fe, and FlorinGro. All these supplements should be used depending on the needs of your aquarium. Shake well before use.

    Normal: for the first 3 - 5 weeks of utilizzzo, dosed 5 ml per 200 liters of water once a week. Increase the dosage according to the notice requirement of nutrients in plants. Densely populated aquarium plant or aquarium who loves a fast growing (with aquariums with lots of light, and integration of CO2) may need more frequent administration. When used in this way, 250 ml treats up to 10,000 liters.

    Advanced: it's recommended dose every day to maintain a stable environment and natural. The daily dose is 6 drops per 200 liters.

    Correct dosage after 3 - 5 weeks depending on the appearance of plants and your perception of the need for nutrients. The need to integrate carbon is known to fans of aquariums with plants. The source of carbon contained in FlorinAxis is used directly by plants when they need it, so different from when it dissolves CO2 into aquarium for use as a carbon source. For this reason, the aquarist should make some attempts to determine how much carbon in this form is necessary to plants. Hobbyists who are already using CO2, will notice the benefits with the administration of FlorinAxis due to the influence it has on the positive Krebs cycle and other aspects of plant growth. Since the availability of carbon is often the limiting factor in plant growth, effects of drugs will be seen in aquariums where no integration of this element has never been done.