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    Brightwell Razor Freshwater, 125 ml

    Liquid Systemic Cleaner to Clean Surfaces of Live Rock, Decorations, and Tank Walls in Freshwater Aquarium Tanks Plant safe, systemic cleaning product specifically formulated to clean aquarium rock and decoration surfaces. Loosens accumulations of unwanted substances making clean up easier. Also prevents particles from settling on rocks and accumulating. Made in the USA.
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    Shake product well before using! For every 10 gallons (38 L) of aquarium volume, use 1 ml and for every 50 gallons (190 L) of aquarium volume, use 5 ml of this product in a high flow area of the main aquarium. Repeat every 3 days until desired results are obtained. Maintenance: Then dose once a week to maintain the aquarium. To keep problems to a minimum, Brightwell recommends that all makeup water in the aquarium be filtered by reverse osmosis or deionization to prevent adding phosphates and silicates. Brightwell also recommends that you regularly test phosphates and keep them at a level of .02 ppm or less. You can lower phosphates by the use of Extrax Phos, FerroxIPhos G or PhosphatE. The use of grazing livestock, such as ramshorn snails, nerite snails, plecos, or malaysian trumpet snails can be very helpful in cleaning the rocks and other surfaces. Simultaneous use of FlorinBacter will be very beneficial. The use of RedoxiClean prior to use of this product, to clean up high organic levels or tea colored water will also be beneficial.