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    Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter

    New and improved cat planter design for better growing results Cat grass planter has a low and stable design with special grid cover to prevent knock-overs and digging For use with the new Catit Cat Grass Kit (Sold Separately), which is fresher and larger than ever Our Catit toy packaging is decorated with a fun, quirky design so you can create a entertaining cat box that your cat will love Catit Senses 2.0 is a product line developed to activate your cat’s senses; Our cat toys encourage your cat to use sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing to stimulate their natural instincts indoors CAT GRASS SEEDS NOT INCLUDED (Sold Separately)
    د.ا.‏ 25.000

    Hartz Catnip 28g

    Hartz Wacky Catnip is new and improved and comes in a sleek re-sealable pouch. Best of all, this all-leaf catnip contains no dust. Catnip can be used as a training aid or to keep your kitty away from scratching the furniture by sprinkling some on a safe target or their favorite toy.
    د.ا.‏ 3.990

    Webbox Cat Grass

    Webbox Cat Grass is a 100% natural treat suitable for all cats. Webbox Cat Grass is a complete easy to grow kit with 4 simple steps! It is designed to help eliminate hairballs that accumulate in the stomach through the cat’s regular grooming routine, thus also supporting healthy digestion. It is also a safe alternative to house plants and the perfect addition to both indoor and outdoor cat’s diets. The complete kit includes mineral soil, seeds and tray with lid, just add water!
    د.ا.‏ 6.990

    Catit Catnip Spray 90ml

    Apply where you want your cat to play or scratch Great on cat toys, scratching posts and fabrics 90 ml (3 fl oz)
    د.ا.‏ 9.990

    Beavis Catnip Motivational Play 100ml

    Play Spray for Cats It is a plant originating from North Africa and the Mediterranean and is now widely grown in Europe and North America. This miraculous plant, which belongs to the mint family, has attracted the attention of cats in the past centuries in line with their mental and physical needs, and it has been observed that they consume it regularly. The interest of cats in this plant was followed by experts and its name was included in the literature as "cat grass" with the determination of its benefits. Specially prepared Beavis® Catnip Motivation Spray has been developed for more effective results by supporting with natural catnip oil and valerian root. Compared to normal catnip sprays, it has a special and natural formula that calms and motivates cats, especially during training, play and anger periods, which are important processes. We may encounter some adaptation problems in our common life with our cats. The cat family, which still carries predatory genes, can unintentionally harm themselves and some materials in our common habitats. Beavis® Catnip Motivation Spray provides a full and complete support in all kinds of adaptation, behavior, education, motivation and adaptation processes, as well as making them especially interested in scratching posts, various toys and activity tools developed for them.
    د.ا.‏ 7.990