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    Club4Paws Kitten Chicken 5kg

    Brand: Club4Paws
    Dry premium nutrition contains meat as the first ingredient in composition and a special growth formula with high chicken content (26%) for healthy growth in the first 12 months of life. The balance of Phosphorus, Calcium and Vitamin D supports the formation of healthy bones and joints of the kitten. The complex of unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 + Omega 6 keeps the skin healthy and the coat shiny. Ration is enriched with the INTEGRAMIX formula for the overall support of the pet's health and immunity. ADVANTAGES: 34/15 – a well-balanced formula for everyday feeding Meat ingredients №1 in composition A mixture of tocopherols as a natural antioxidant Vitamins D3, E, B1, B5, microelements and amino acids Omega 3 + Omega 6 for healthy skin and shiny coat INTEGRAMIX formula: dried tomatoes, ginger, hawthorn and bananas - for pet’s general health and strong immunity Without artificial flavors and colours
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    COMPOSITION:chicken meal 26 %, maize, maize gluten, rice, poultry fat (preserved with tocopherols), hydrolyzed animal protein, minerals, salmon oil 0,5 %, sugar beet pulp, brewery yeast, linseed 0,37 %, banana* 0,23 %, tomatoes* 0,2 %, hawthorn* 0,065 %, ginger* 0,01 %.

    ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS:crude protein 34 %, crude fat 15 %, crude ash 6,5 %, crude fibre 1,8 %, calcium 1,0 %, phosphorus 0,8 %, omega-3 fatty acids 0,37 %, omega-6 fatty acids 3,43 %.

    ADDITIVES (PER 1 KG OF PRODUCT):Vitamin A (3а672а): 12 000 IU, Vitamin D3 (3а671): 1 200 IU, Vitamin E (3а700): 600 mg, Vitamin C (3а300): 300 mg, Vitamin K3 (3а710): 1,2 mg, Vitamin B1 (3а820): 5,94 mg, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): 4,5 mg, calcium-D-pantothenate (3а841): 4,8 mg, niacin (3a314): 42,7 mg, Vitamin B6 (3а831): 3,56 mg, folic acid (3а316): 1,1 mg, Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin): 0,16 mg, biotin (3а880): 0,08 mg, choline chloride (3а890) 60 %: 3,2 g, zinc (3b604): 83,2 mg, iron (3b103): 30,46 mg, manganese (3b503): 24,3 mg, cooper (3b405): 7,7 mg, taurine (3a370): 2 400 mg, antioxidants, preservative permitted in the EU. *Natural ingredients, dried. 


    METABOLIZABLE ENERGY PER 100 G OF PET FOOD:1 622,1 kJ (387,69 kcal). 

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