Hartz Oinkies Tender Treats Real Chicken Dog Treats, (36/pack)

Your senior or small canine companion will be drooling over Hartz Oinkies Tender Treats Wrapped With Real Chicken Dog Treats. Hand-rolled from 100% real pig skin, twice baked and naturally smoked, these irresistible, long-lasting treats are wrapped in real chicken breast and flavored to paw-fection. What’s more, they are rawhide-free, making them highly digestible. The chewy texture makes these chews a great choice for older dogs with sensitive teeth and smaller dogs with little mouths. Bark-appetite! Key Benefits Hand-rolled from 100% real pig skin, twice-baked and naturally smoked to boost flavor. Wrapped in real chicken breast. Rawhide-free and highly digestible. Chewy texture perfect for senior and small dogs. Package includes 36 chews.
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Hartz Oinkies Rawhide Free Pig Skin Dog real chicken Chews (8/pack)

This Long-Lasting Treat Provides Fun, Chewing Entertainment And Irresistible Flavors Your Dog Will Crave Includes 8, Five-Inch Long-Lasting Chews Made From Real Pig Skin. The Treats Are Wrapped With 100% Real Chicken Breast Meat, And Smoked To Boost The Flavor Factor Contains No Rawhide And Is Highly Digestible Check Out All Our Varieties Of Oinkies To Twist Up Your Pup'S Treat Stash Oinkies' Signature Twisted Texture Helps To Reduce Plaque And Tartar Build-Up While Dogs Gnaw Away
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Hartz Oinkies Smoked Pig Skin Twists Bacon Flavor Wrap Dog Treats (8/pack)

Keep your canine companion happy and occupied with Hartz Oinkies Smoked Pig Skin with Bacon Flavor Wrap Dog Treats! These savory pig skin treats are wrapped and intertwined with an irresistible bacon flavor that your pup will love! Satisfy your pal’s instinct to chew with this long-lasting, tasty treat, packed with flavor through and through! Oinkies Smoked Pig Skin treats are baked, smoked and then baked again to lock in that rich, savory flavor that will have your pup drooling with delight every time! Key Benefits Pig skin treats provide a great way to occupy dogs that love to chew with the irresistible dual taste of smoked pigskin and bacon flavor. Wrap treats are oven baked, then smoked and then baked again to lock in the flavor for your favorite canine companion. Safe and highly digestible treats serve as the perfect alternative to rawhide treats. Texture helps remove plaque and tartar build up to promote your furry friend’s dental health. Made with delicious and savory real pig skin that will have your pal drooling with delight every time
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Hartz Oinkies Chicken & Pig Skin Jerky Dog Treats

Take it back to the basics with Hartz Oinkies Chicken & Pig Skin Jerky Dog Treats! These delicious thick cut strips are crafted with real chicken first, along with pig skin to enhance the flavor and help make your canine’s chewing experience last longer! They are 100% rawhide free for easy digestion and feature a real smoked flavor your dog won’t be able to resist. And these satisfying snacks come in a resealable bag to help keep them fresh until the next time your dog deserves a hearty reward for all his good behavior. Key Benefits Made with real chicken as the very first ingredient. Crafted with pig skin to help add a satisfying flavor and a texture to extend your pup’s chew time. Made with zero rawhide for a highly digestible reward you can feel good about giving your dog. Comes with 10 ounces of thick cut jerky strips that measure approximately 4-inches long by 1-inch side. Features a real smoked flavor your dog will love.
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Health Bone Chicken Meal Formula Small Bone 400g (7/pack)

Health Bone® Chicken Meal Formula Small Bones. Made with all natural ingredients. Nutritious dog treat. Wheat free. Gluten free. When ingredients matter!™. No.1 ingredient chicken meal! Made with quinoa.
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