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    Felicia ® Adult Cat Lamb 12kg

    Brand: Felicia
    Felicia® adult cat Lamb special and cute we know that our friend is sensitive about nutrition. Adult Felicia Lamb, is specially formulated for our friends who can't tolerate traditional protein sources and components. Optimum protein from real lamb that contains specific vitamins that your cat needs and with this formula, we are ready to meet your expectations. A piece of fruit cranberry, E&C vitamins, helps neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and supports the process of living a longer life. All Felicia formulas to provide optimum nutrition with a healthy and balanced nutrition provides the best quality content to our friends. anti aging by making healthy foods easier to digest with a content of cereals and rice to provide energy savings for activities of life helps. Yararlanirmi Foods the maximum level of removed, resulting in less supports the excretion of stool and dry. precise and easy digestion Felicia® adult cat salmon is the content balanced in mineral levels at the optimum level helps to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation. skin and hair health Support Anchovy oil content, rich in omega-3 and chicken refined oil contains omega-6 fatty acids helps in the formation of healthy skin and shiny coat. CONTENTS: Dried Lamb protein (27%), hydrolyzed protein, and lamb (18%), Baldo rice, maize, Refined chicken fat, Peas, Anchovies, Flour, Shrimp meal, Brewer's yeast, anchovy Oil, yeast, nucleotide, Protein, Minerals, Mannan Oligo Saccharides Probiotics, seaweed, kelp, Yucca extract, Cranberry Powder, Pisilyum. 33 % PROTEIN 2kg | 12kg analytical components Protein fat content crude ash Crude Cellulose (Fiber) omega-6 omega-3 .................................... 33 % .............................. 15 % ................................... 8 % ................. 2.8 % ............................ 3.96 % .......................... 0.715 % ADDITIONS (based on feed) vitamin A (E672) vitamin D3 (E671) vitamin E (3a700) vitamin C Taurine
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