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    Felicia® Kitten & Mother 2kg

    Brand: Felicia
    Felicia ® Kitten & Mother LambThroughout our life, there are many moments that we have emotional bond with. Sometimes our path crosses with a new individual, sometimes a mother or a life emerging from the operation. With Felicia Kitten & Mother, we prepared a special formulation to support our lovely friends in all life stages. This formula, which contains the basic building blocks of nutrition, has been specially developed to support their health and happy development. We are ready to meet your expectations in the best way with this formula, which has a high protein ratio, contains DHA for brain and vision development, contains essential nutrients in breast milk, and raises life standards by offering strong immune support. Felicia Kitten & Mother contains only the highest quality natural ingredients. High protein from real lamb. High Digestibility Felicia® Kitten and Mother helps ensure maximum digestion by subjecting highly digestible foods to a delicate cooking process. Support to the Immune System The natural prebiotic fibers in Felicia® Kitten and Mother support the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and help reduce the harmful effect of pathogens, support the immune system and optimize digestion. Healthy Growth Felicia® Kitten and Mother is formulated by balancing the protein and fat ratio for a long life, supporting your kittens' healthy growth and ideal functioning of metabolism. In addition, the optimum mineral balance in the formula contributes to the bone development of your kitten. INGREDIENTS: Dried Lamb Protein (27%), Hydrolyzed Lamb Protein (18%), Baldo Rice, Corn, Refined Chicken Oil, Pea, Anchovy Flour, Shrimp Flour, Brewer's Yeast, Anchovy Oil, Nucleotide Yeast Protein, Minerals, Prebiotic Mannan Oligo Saccharides, Seaweed, Chandelier Extract, Cranberry Powder, Pisyllium. Guaranteed Analysis: Protein: 40% Fat: 20% Ash: 8% Fiber: 2.8%
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