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    Ferplast Carrier Atlas 20 Professional

    Brand: Ferplast
    37 x 58 x h 32 cm The range of pet carriers Atlas Professional by Ferplast proposes models designed to travel safely and comfortably on the most common means of transport: car, train, ship and also by plane. Warning: it is not guaranteed that the carrier will be boarded, as this is subject to airlines’ discretion. Before departing with your pet, contact your airline for information on its standards regarding the transportation of animals. Next to the well known models like Atlas 40, 50, 60 and 70, suitable for medium and large-sized dogs, we also propose these more compact versions: Atlas 10 Professional, Atlas 20 or 30 Professional. The first two models are advised for small dogs and cats, the model 30 is intended instead for small-medium sized dogs or large cats. All carriers are built in solid thermoplastic resin with door in plastic-coated steel, provided with safety closing of recent restyling, simple to be used and very sure: turn the handle to activate four fixating points that anchor the door to the main structure of the carrier, avoiding accidental opening during the trip. The net door of the transport box presents besides a mesh of 19 x 19 mm, designed to answer to the current IATA regulations as far as the transport of the domestic animals is concerned. Practical to use, the transport boxes consist of two parts connected together through lateral plastic hooks, easily separable to make maintenance operations easier. On the superior part, they have a robust ergonomic handle for a safe and steady grip and that allows moving. Like all the carriers for dogs and cats by Ferplast, they have lateral grills for the passage of air which ensure an optimal well ventilated environment for your friend. Inside the packaging, you will find some bands to better fix the carrier door, and a full set of screws to be screwed in the holes that correspond to the side closing closures along the side hinge of the carrier. The wheels are optional and can be hooked to the bottom of the cage: the L440 wheel set, perfect for the models Atlas 10, 20 and 30 Professional, includes 2 fixed wheels and 2 pivoting wheels with brake. It is possible to complete the transport box with the soft cushion in washable cotton or the plastic feeder. At last, also the special kit net is available, optional for the transport by train, ship or aircraft, which can be placed to the side ventilation grills.
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