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    Ferplast LUNA 2 Antique Brass

    Brand: Ferplast
    44,5 x 25 x h 45,5 cm Canary and small exotic bird cage. Elegant antique look. Cage ideal for canaries, exotic and other small birds Wire mesh with metallic effect similar to brass obtained by a double varnish finish with special powder, and being more resistant to rust forming Nice retrò look, elegant and refined Produced with respect of the environment in mind, belongs to the new range Antique Brass Doors for easy access Hard plastic bottom with removable tray for easy cleaning Accessories included: 2 revolving feeders Brava 1, 1 drinking bottle, 1 nipper for vegetables, 1 feeder for mash, 3 perches and 1 swing Recommended optional: plastic stand Stand F 59 Luna 2 is a small cage with a rectangular base, ideal for birds like canaries or small exotic birds. The habitat has a nice retrò charm given by the special wire mesh finish: the metallic effect similar to brass gives the products a nice antique look that conveys a sense of elegance and sophistication. This innovative finishing method, completely ecologic, requires a double varnish finish with special powder, being more resistant to rust forming. The new range of bird cages Antique Brass, to which Luna 2 belongs, represents a step forward compared to previous brass cages thanks to the new innovative finishing method being completely ecologic: by purchasing a product in the range, you will be sure to have chosen a product with respect of the environment in mind. Luna 2 has a slightly rounded shape, to give the birds more living space. The birdcage is equipped with handle for easy carrying and contains all the necessary accessories to ensure your feathered friends live in the utmost comfort. Inside, you will find a plastic water bottle, some plastic perches, a swing for your birds to play on, a clip for holding vegetables and a feeder for mash. The special revolving feeders Brava 1, besides, are entirely made of transparent plastic, and really practical: have been designed to be rotated by 180°, can be easily filled with food, just turn them outwards. For cleaning and maintenance, you can remove them from their casing without any danger of your bird escaping. In addition, the locking system triggers a safety lock, preventing your feathered friends from moving the feeder, thus also avoiding accidental leakages. Brava 1 have beside useful borders preventing food from falling out from the cage. The cage is easy to look after and can be cleaned in an instant, thanks to its plastic bottom with a removable dirt-collecting tray. If necessary, you can also completely remove the bottom thanks to the handy clips on the sides. The plastic stand F 59 is available as an optional.
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