Fruitables® Broth Bowls Pet Safe Natural Food Topper (Chicken)

Fuitables Beef Broth Bowls is the perfect complement to your dog's everyday meal. By adding the rich and savory flavor of homemade stock, Broth Bowls turns boring dry food into an exquisite culinary meal For the pet parent, this new, all-natural product line offers unbeatable palatability, only 2 calories per ounce, and is completely pet safe, with only 2 calories per ounce, under 0.07% sodium, and is pet safe-no onions, garlic or MSG. The dogs in our test panel included gulpers that slowed down their eating significantly, which leads to more enjoyment of the food, less gas and bloating. The product is shelf stable and will keep fresh for up to 10 days in the refrigerator after opening.
د.ا.‏ 12.000
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SmartBones® Sweet Potato Mini(8/pack)

SmartBones® have all the benefits of a rawhide chew…WITHOUT the RAWHIDE! NO RAWHIDE SmartBones® are made with REAL SWEET POTATOES, CHICKEN and other wholesome VEGETABLES for a scrumptious taste dogs can’t resist! Made with Real Sweet Potatoes, Chicken and Vegetables Rawhide-Free Easy to Digest Vitamin & Mineral Enriched Chewing Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth
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الكلاب كبيرة الحجم – 15 كيلوجرام

تعتز بالكلاب الكبيرة لقدرات العمل التي لا تصدق، ويثبت أنه رائعة بالتتبع والإنقاذ، والحراسة ومساعدة الكلاب. هذه الكلاب القوية والمخلصة غالبا ما يعانون من الحساسيات في الجهاز الهضمي وآلام المفاصل وحتى مشاكل بالقلب. رويال كانين ماكسي أكل جاف قيمته الغذائية تلبي احتياجات الكلب كبير طيل فترة نمو الكلب الكبير، ويحتوي على المواد المغذية للمساعدة في الحد من التهاب المفاصل والبروتينات سهلة الهضم للغاية. يساعد في الحفاظ على صحة الجهاز الهضمي، يدعم العظام يعزز الشهية يدعم صحة الجلد 100٪ كامل ومتوازن التغذية ، صمم خصصيصا للكلاب كبيرة الحجم من عمر 15 شهرا إلى 5 سنوات، يطحن للتشجيع على المضغ..
د.ا.‏ 60.000

Royal Canin ® Digestive Care (12/pack)

Digestive Care Pouch Dog Food. Royal Canin Digestive Care Loaf in Gravy soft dog food is tailored nutrition to support your adult dog's sensitive stomach. This highly digestible formula comes in a convenient pouch and promotes healthy digestion and supports a balanced intestinal flora for optimal stool quality.
د.ا.‏ 18.990

Royal Canin ® Medium Adult (10/pack)

Founded by a veterinarian, Royal Canin has over 40 years experience in health nutrition. Our work with pet nutritionists, breeders, and veterinarians from around the world has provided us with knowledge about the specific nutritional requirements of dogs. This knowledge has allowed us to formulate the optimal diet for your dog's special needs. Complete and balanced nutrition for dogs - For adult medium breed dogs from 23 to 55 lb (11 to 24 kg) - Over 12 months old Supports digestive health and a balanced intestinal flora. Helps support natural defenses with an antioxidant complex and prebiotics. Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids (EPA-DHA) to help maintain healthy skin.
د.ا.‏ 25.000