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    Ferplast PA 5222 Balloon Medium

    To keep your hamsters in perfect condition Ferplast offer these spheres, made of transparent coloured plastic, available in two three sizes, small, medium and large. They will ensure the necessary exercise and fun. They must be used outside the cage, making sures there are no steps nearby. The right air circulation is granted by the several holes. Features : -Ball for hamsters -Made of plastic with holes for ventilation -Allows the rodent to keep fit strolling free around your home -Three sizes available -Mixed colours Dimensions : -12 cm
    د.ا.‏ 7.600

    Delinature Greenline - Bee House

    ‎Aa shelter for bees. Ideal for laying their eggs peacefully and for hibernating. Format: Width: 17,5 cm Length: 12 cm Height: 20 cm Tip The bee house is placed approximately 50 cm above ground and best in between or close to flowers.
    د.ا.‏ 10.990

    Ferplast FPI 4603 Hamster Wheel Large

    ‎18.2 x 18 x 8 cm Suitable for hamsters, mice, gerbils or other small animals. For the daily exercise of the small animal, as well as for playing and running. Provides space for relaxation, the bike fits any type of cage
    د.ا.‏ 5.990

    Ferplast FPI 4826 Hamster lab Exercise Centre

    22.5 x 20.7 x 14.3cm. s
    د.ا.‏ 10.500