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    Josera Vet line Urinary 2kg

    Brand: Josera
    If the cat has problems with cleanliness or urination, this can have painful causes for it: Often it suffers from urinary stones, in this case struvites. Here, the right feed can help to improve well-being. Our Josera Help Urinary is tailored exactly to this. The complete medicated feed promotes an acidic urinary pH to reduce the likelihood of struvite stones forming. The recipe also has a reduced magnesium content and a balanced protein and phosphorus content. These are the basis for the formation of struvite stones. The Phytogen Complex gives each crunchy kibble cranberry and nettle, which are traditionally used for urinary tract infections. With its selected ingredients, Josera Help Urinary can thus help to dissolve struvite stones and their urinary gravel and reduce their reformation. Dietary feed for adult cats for the dissolution of struvite stones and/or for prophylaxis against the recurrence of struvite stones dried greaves protein; rice; maize; dried beet pulp (natural source of dietary fibre); poultry fat; dried potato; hydrolysed animal protein; potato protein; minerals; poultry liver hydrolysate; oregano; ginger; rosemary; nettle; milk thistle; cranberry; Product benefits: Cranberry: - The cranberry, which originates from North America, has been valued there for centuries for its positive properties. Traditionally, the cranberry is used as a supplement for urinary tract diseases. Balanced mineral content Balanced Mineral Content: - The recipe contains a balanced mineral content specifically tailored to the condition. Magnesium and phosphorus have been reduced according to need. A slightly increased sodium content supports the drinking behaviour of the cat and thus the flushing of the urinary tract. URINARY PH CONTROL: - The urine pH value is lowered by the optimally adjusted mineral ratio and uric acidifying ingredients. This promotes an acidic urine pH of 6.0-6.5 so that no new urinary stones form and the existing struvite stones can be dissolved dietarily. Features: - Magnesium-reduced recipe for cats - Promotes an acidic urine pH to reduce the risk of struvite stone formation - Balanced protein and phosphorus ratio to counteract the formation of struvite stones - Phytogen complex: Cranberry and nettle are traditionally used as a supplement for urinary tract diseases - Increased sodium content to promote water absorption and thus flushing of the urinary tract Analytical constituents: - Protein: 28.2 % - Fat Content: 12.8 % - Crude Fibre: 2.4 % - Crude Ash: 5.8 % - Calcium: 0.60 % - Phosphorus: 0.45 % - Magnesium: 0,65 %
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    If the cat suffers from gastrointestinal problems, belching, stomach rumbling and diarrhoea are the order of the day. Feed is often left standing. But this does not have to be the case: Our Josera Help Gastrointestinal was developed especially for such cases. The complete medical feed can support gastrointestinal problems thanks to its easily digestible, gluten-free recipe as well as its natural ingredients. Digestive regulating fibres help promote the desired gut bacteria. The phytogenic complex contains oregano, which has been used in medicine since ancient times – in traditional veterinary medicine it is valued for its positive properties for the gastrointestinal tract. With selected ingredients, Josera Help Gastrointestinal can help velvet paws to have more peace in their tummies. It promotes good and regular bowel movements and supports the stomach with its easily digestible recipe. Easily digestible complete dietary feed for adult cats with gastrointestinal problems: - Dried poultry protein; maize; rice; dried greaves protein; poultry fat; dried beet pulp (natural source of dietary fibre); hydrolysed animal protein; minerals; poultry liver hydrolysate; oregano; ginger; rosemary; nettle; milk thistle; cranberry. Product benefits: Oregano: - Oregano has been used in medicine since ancient times. In folk medicine, it is used for its digestive effect in gastrointestinal complaints and is also said to stimulate the appetite. Recipe that supports digestion: - The recipe with dietary fibres can promote the growth of healthy intestinal flora and regulate digestion. By binding water, the fibres also stabilise the consistency of the faeces. Easily digestible recipe: - Thanks to thermally broken down carbohydrates and premium quality raw ingredients, the recipe is easily digestible. Even cats with sensitive digestion can easily tolerate the selected ingredients as they are offer an optimal gentle diet. Features: - Can help with acute and chronic gastrointestinal problems - With easily digestible, gluten-free recipe and selected ingredients to relieve the digestive tract - Digestion regulating fibres support the desired intestinal bacteria and can improve faecal consistency - Phytogenic complex: oregano is valued for its digestive properties Analytical Constituents: - Protein: 33.2 % - Fat Content: 17.8 % - Crude Fibre: 2.0 % - Crude Ash: 6.6 % - Calcium: 1.35 % - Phosphorus: 1.00 % - Magnesium: 0,60 %
    د.ا.‏ 23.000

    Royal Canin Urinary Care 2kg

    Founded by a veterinarian, Royal Canin has over 40 years experience in health nutrition. Our work with pet nutritionists, breeders, and veterinarians from around the world has provided us with knowledge about the specific nutritional requirements of cats. This knowledge has allowed us to formulate the optimal diet for your cat's special needs. Supports Struvite Dissolution Increases urine volume to help decrease struvite and calcium oxalate levels Supports urinary health Reduced magnesium level Royal Canin Urinary SO Index® promotes a urinary environment unfavorable to the development of both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Feline Urinary SO is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.
    د.ا.‏ 22.000