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    Monge Meat Minis Hairball Rich in Fresh Salmon with Plum Adult 50g

    Brand: Monge
    MONGE GIFT HAIRBALL CAT RICH IN FRESH SALMON WITH PLUM is a complementary pet food for adult cats. Specifically developed for the well-being of your cat thanks to cellulose to promote physiological hairball expulsion and thanks to a low-fat content* to maintain an ideal body weight. A product formulated without cereals and with fresh meat, a precious source of highly digestible and biological value proteins. The formulation is enriched with taurine to support visual acuity and a regular heart function and with vitamins for daily vitality. The inclusion of superfoods, such as plum, a source of soluble fibers for intestinal wellness, is the result of Made in Italy research to support the quality of our cats’ life. No added artificial dyes and sugars. *Compared to standard product: Monge Gift Fussy Cat rich in fresh pork with pineapple and cheese.
    د.ا.‏ 3.800
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    Fresh fish 80% (salmon 35%), dried fish (salmon and trout), hydrolysed fish protein (salmon), cellulose powder (2.5%), dried plum (1%, equal to 8.3% of fresh plum), yeasts products, minerals.

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