Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats, Malt Flavor Toothpaste, 2.5 oz

Hydrogen peroxide-producing enzymatic toothpaste formula helps reduce plaque and tartar; 2.5 ounce Toothpaste does not foam; no need to rinse Toothbrush developed by a veterinarian; helps remove plaque and food debris with ultra-soft bristles for gentle application Finger toothbrush gently removes plaque and food debris while massaging the gums Finger toothbrush is ideal for kittens
د.ا.‏ 17.000
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Vitakraft ® CatStick Turkey & Lamb 12g (3/pack)

Delicious treat sticks for cats With turkey and lamb 3 sticks per pack, individually wrapped for freshness Ideal as a daily treat or reward for felines Sugar-free recipe
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Royal Canin ® Indoor 27 (2KG)

Royal Canin supports the health of your cat by providing him with precise nutrition based on a true understanding of his specific needs and over 40 years of science and observation. Cats living exclusively indoors have a more sedentary lifestyle, lower energy requirements and a higher risk of obesity. The lifestyle of the indoor cat, sheltered from temperature variations and changes in day length, disrupts the natural seasonal cycle of fur growth, so that it sheds almost continuously, aggravating the problem of hair swallowed during grooming. INDOOR ADULT is for indoor cats from 1 to 7 years old. Stool odor reduction Supports healthy weight Helps manage hairballs L.I.P. Digestive Science Innovation 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
د.ا.‏ 22.000

Nourish Stainless Steel Bowl Small

Highest quality blends of chromium for strength & Nickel for durability / finish. Stainless steel resists bacteria, rust & scratching. Dishwasher Safe Crack Resistant Scratch Resistant Rust Proof Hygienic
د.ا.‏ 5.000

Bewi Cat® Salmon (6/pack)

BEWI Cat® meatinis Wild game; Moist meals has the advantage that the cat also takes into water with the food. For this reason prefer many cats one mixture of dry and moist food, given once or twice a day at regular meals inaddition to the dry food.
د.ا.‏ 11.000