Patimax became the pet division of the Ozturk Group in 2013. It was established with one specific idea in mind; provide pets with only the best products and never ever compromise on quality.

Abiding to this philosophy, at all times, we have now taken a leading position. in terms of innovation.

Our first class R & D, from which a constant stream of new ideas emerge, means that we are now in a superb position, to take on a global role. We currently have over 70 excellent products and many more to come! Our customers pets are always our number one priority.

Group has been operating since the beginning of the 1980s. Established by Mr Fikret Ozturk, the conglomerate constantly strives to keep its reputation for best business practice, and social responsibility, to the fore. It provides large scale employment, across a wide range of sectors, in excellent work conditions and, as a priority, protects the environment.

It also voluntarily assists many social causes. The clear intention is to proudly evolve a legacy, from which many future generations can benefit. The Ozturk Group is currently active in Petroleum Distribution, Real Estate Development, Hospitality, Logistics, Agriculture, Mining and Pet Products, with a combined turnover of 11 billion US dollars.