Belcando® Puppy Gravy 15Kg

For puppies of all breeds up to the age of 4 months For young dogs of small breeds beyond that age Carefully selected raw ingredients rich in poultry, rice and egg make BELCANDO® Puppy Gravy especially well-tolerated and easily digestible. Lots of energy for healthy growth and important minerals for bone formation ensure an optimal start in life. A tasty sauce is created when the dry food is mixed with warm water, encouraging the puppy to eat solid food and making weaning easier. It's also a welcome pleasure later on!
Brand: Belcando
د.ا.‏ 65.000
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Royal Canin Junior French Bulldog 30 is a delicious dog food that caters to the complete & particular requirements of your growing puppy. Tailor made with your young French Bulldog’s sensitive stomach in mind, containing specially selected fibre & easily digested protein sources in order to prevent food from fermenting in the intestine whilst at the same time promoting the balance of friendly bacteria to reduce flatulence, odorous stools, and other typical digestive issues. Rich in antioxidants ensure your puppies immune system is well fortified, the kibbles are also perfectly suited to the brachycephalic jaw of your French Bulldog, being especially easy for them to pick up and encouraging chewing, helping to halt the build up of plaque & tartar. To boot, Royal Canin’s bespoke formula is also loaded with borage oil, EPA, and DHA, which enrich your dog’s skin from the inside, forming a barrier to the elements and contributing to a soft, silky coat.
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Zolux ® Classic Doggy Multi Taste 200g

Share a moment of happiness etplicité avecpagnon thanks to the tasty treats mooky. Stylish and attendrissantes, they will delight your taste buds finest and high-quality workmanship that will inspire you. The Doggy Mix (multi-goûts) contains 16% chicken and 4% Beef Ribs. Comes in a cardboard case with resealable plastic bag with a repositionable sticker. Treats are made in the EU. Composition: Cereals, Meat and Animal By-Products (Chicken 16% from dried poultry, B 1/2 UF 4% from dried b ½ uf), oils and grease. Additives: Technological additives: preservatives. Sensory additives: colorants and aromas. Material Analysis: Crude Protein 19.00% cellulose 1.50%, Fat 4.5%, Crude Ash 6%, Moisture:%
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د.ا.‏ 4.500