Rollover® Knuckle Bone Large

Rollover Knuckle Bones are all-natural beef femur knuckle bones, cleaned on the outside and baked with all the marrow left inside for your dog's chewing enjoyment. Beef bones, the hardest bone available, are a good choice for stronger chewers and larger breeds. This plain bone is non-staining and the unique shape can be a great way to help clean your dogs' teeth. Each knuckle bone is individually shrink-wrapped to ensure freshness.
Brand: Rollover
د.ا.‏ 15.000
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Gumi Dental Dog Toy

Help keep your pet's teeth and gums cared for with this Dog It Gumi floss and clean dental toy. The unique texture helps remove plaque and clean between teeth, while the fun bone shape keeps your furry friend interested at playtime. Durable plastic construction withstands chewing and gnawing for lasting use. This Dog It Gumi floss and clean dental toy features a brisk, minty flavour to help keep your canine companion's breath smelling fresh throughout the day. Cleans teeth and freshens breath Minty flossing rope: helps remove plaque between teeth Scrubbers: help remove food
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8in1 ® Delights Pro Dental L

• Anti-plaque formula. • A tasty rawhide combination enriched with cleansing minerals • Delights Pro Dental helps to remove plaque, preventing tartar build-up and promoting fresh breath. • Only 2% fat. Free from artificial colours and flavour enhancers Single bone
د.ا.‏ 10.000

Royal Canin ® Rottweiler Puppy 12KG

Overview Nutrition is a critical component when it comes to the behaviour and well-being of your dog, and what you choose to feed your dog is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Opting for the Royal Canin Rottweiler Junior dog food will be a prudent choice on your part. It has been developed keeping in mind the special requirements of young Rottweilers up to 18 months. Specifications Weighing 12 kg, the content of this product is packed with nutrients that would ensure your dog stays healthy and happy. The Royal Canin Rottweiler Junior dog food is the perfect balance of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D that promote harmonious bone growth, while the high-quality proteins and L-carnitine aid in healthy muscle development. Nutritional benefits The high contents of chondroitin and glucosamine and EPA/DHA fatty acids will help to protect dog's joints during the long and intense growth period. The select proteins and fiber support the sensitive digestive system and help to maintain a balanced intestinal flora. The Royal Canin dog food will also help to develop a strong immune system as a special anti-oxidant complex strengthens and supports the natural defenses.
د.ا.‏ 60.000

Royal Canin ® Sterilised 7+ (1.5KG)

Royal Canin Sterilised 37 cat food was specially developed for sterilised cats with a tendency to weight gain: The aging process: is made easier by ingredients in this recipe and your cat is able to grow old gracefully and with fewer problems Controlled energy supply: through reduced fat contents (12%) Fewer carbohydrates: e.g. no starch which stimulates hunger pangs L-Carnitine: (100 mg/ kg) helps to mobilise fat reserves Promotes healthy urinary tract: through balanced pH-levels in the urine (pH 6-6,5) and a balanced phosphorus content Boosts and preserves muscles: through high protein contents (36%) For more than 40 years Royal Canin has made your pet’s health the prime focus of their work. This has led to the product range “Health Nutrition” amongst others. Only with the knowledge of your pet’s exact nutritional requirements and with respect for the individuality of every animal can the perfect meal be developed and produced to exactly meet your pet’s needs.
د.ا.‏ 17.500