Royal Canin ® Urban Life Junior (10/pack)

Urban dogs may be exposed to a polluted environment that could generate oxidative stress. URBAN LIFE JUNIOR includes an exclusive blend of antioxidants, known for their positive effects. This formula, including specific fish nutrients, also helps support the health of urban dogs who may experience intense situations: crowded sidewalks, noisy public places, heavy traffic. Healthy growth The first months of a puppys life are crucial so high quality nutrition is important for a healthy future. The URBAN LIFE JUNIOR is formulated with excellent balance of nutrients to meet his high puppy energy needs.Contains prebiotics and high quality proteins (L.I.P*) to support his digestive health. Natural defenses The URBAN LIFE JUNIOR formula includes antioxidants to help support your dogs developing natural defenses.
Brand: Royal Canin
د.ا.‏ 25.000