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    Sandy Cat Litter

    Sandy is made of Natural Sodium Bentonite clay which is the key element of Sandy’s clumping force. We believe that the essence of a good cat litter is strong and instant clumps, low dust and odour control. Our production philosophy is established to maintain these 3 key elements. Sandy uses natural sodium bentonite which does not need any soda activation necessary for clumping unlike other types of bentonites. It just clumps naturally. It has natural grey colour just as cats are using in nature which gives a complete natural feeling to the felines.


    Our litter is made of ultra-compact granules which are soft on paws suitable for kittens as well. Ultra-compact granules absorbs the liquids very quickly forming a strong clump making easy to scoop, leaving the rest of the litter box clean. Many litter companies put all kinds of additives and chemicals, to mask odours. This is done for humans, not for cats. The main reason why they do this is because the litter material they are using is not able to eliminate the natural ammonia odours. A good litter made of fine clay does not smell if used properly according to the instructions. Cats are very sensitive to smell, their smelling ability is 14 times greater than humans, excessive usage of fragrances and chemicals may cause allergic problems on cats. This is the main reason why we produce Sandy Unscented, for sensitive noses.


    Made in Turkey

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    Sandy Active Carbon 10kg

    Although Sodium Bentonite alone offer excellent odour binding properties, the combination of Activated Carbon and Sodium Bentonite works like a miracle when it comes complete odour binding. Activated carbon is made of coconut shells a completely natural, highly porous form of carbon works together with Bentonite for odour binding. The large inner surface of Activated Carbon with its special pores traps bad smells such as ammonia and cat feces. It’s ideal for homes with male cats, senior cats or multi cats.
    د.ا.‏ 12.000