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    TetraMedica ContraIck Plus 20ml

    Brand: Tetra
    Tetra Medica ContraIck Plus is a effective medicinal product for white spot and other dermatozoons in tropical ornamental fish, such as Trichodina and Chilodonella. Fields of application: White spot disease (Ichthyo): white spots or coating on skin and fins, shaky swimming movements, clamped fins. Other ectoparasitic diseases: rapid breathing, dull mucous membranes, chafing movements. The mode of action of Tetra Medica ContraIck Plus is based on a selfenhancing combination of highly active agents. TetraMedica ContraIck safely destroys the fish parasites and disinfects the aquarium. If you discover that your fish have the above-mentioned symptoms, these parasites will usually also be found in the water at the swimming stage of development. For this reason, the fully occupied tank should be treated by disinfecting the aquarium water in order to prevent healthy fish from becoming infected.
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    Dosage and application Tetra Medica ContraIck Plus:
    Shake well before use. The treatment cycle for Tetra Medica ContraIck Plus lasts for 8 days. During treatment, please ensure that the aquarium is well aerated. Switch off any UV clarifiers and ozone systems. Do not use activated carbon or any other absorbent filter media to filter the water. Wherever possible, please clean the filter properly before use. Always ensure that treatment is carried out whilst the tank is fully stocked to prevent any currently healthy animals from subsequently becoming infected.

    Dispense Tetra Medica ContraIck Plus evenly into the aquarium in the amounts as the following: Day 1: 20 drops (1 ml) per 100 l of aquarium water. You are advised not to feed the fish. Day 2: 20 drops (1 ml) per 100 l of aquarium water. You are advised not to feed the fish. Days 3 to 6: No application. Feed as normal. Day 7: 20 drops (1 ml) per 100 l of aquarium water. You are advised not to feed the fish. Day 8: No application. Feed as normal. Carry out a partial water change (30-50%). After the partial water change we recommend you to use activated carbon to filter the water. Repeat treatment is recommended directly afterwards, particularly if white spot disease persists. Water discolouration is due to the active substance and will disappear after a few days.

    Amount of active ingredients per 1 ml of solution: 2.5 mg of methylthioninium chloride, 1.0 mg of malachite green oxalate, 0.5 mg of methylrosanilinium chloride, 0.3 mg of acriflavinium chloride